Cordova Blog App
Make a jQuery Mobile Cordova app to show a list of blog posts

This series takes you step-by-step for building an app that shows blog posts. You can get the full source code to the completed app on GitHub.

The App-o-Mat mobile app template

Learn how to use the jQuery Mobile / Cordova project template to start a mobile app

Use a listview component in a jQuery Mobile app

Add a listview component to show a list that can be used to navigate to other screens

Using jQuery Mobile Router

Hook into jQuery Mobile navigation events with jQuery Mobile Router

Introduction to using Handlebars

Use Handlebars to make templates in our jQuery Mobile app

Use a template to repeat HTML for each element of an array

Use a Handlebars template to make a jQuery Mobile listview

Get an RSS Feed

Use jQuery to get an RSS feed and then build an array of blog data

Get an Atom Feed

Use jQuery to get data and update a jQuery Mobile page

Multiline items in a listview

How to make jQuery Mobile listview show multiline items for long titles

Use the Cordova InAppBrowser plugin

How to install and use the InAppBrowser plugin in a Cordova app to embed a browser for external links

Update anchors to bring up the Cordova InAppBrowser

Use jQuery to find the anchor tags in your HTML and make them use the InAppBrowser plugin

Refresh the blog list

Use AJAX in jQuery Mobile to refresh the list of posts

Add a save button

Save posts in a favorites list

Theming a button

Using an alternate jQuery Mobile theme on a button