Learn mobile development quickly

Step-by-step screencasts

Start right now by learning the App-o-Mat jQueryMobile / Cordova project template

Hello World
Install cordova and make a minimal jQuery Mobile project.
Screen navigation
Add a second screen and learn about animated transitions.
Device emulation
Run the app on a device emulator and fix some device specific issues.

Mobile app training for web developers

If you know HTML and Javascript, you'll be making apps in a few minutes. Each App-o-Mat screencast is less than 10 minutes and designed to teach just what you need to know to make apps.

Free project template

To get you started quickly, we use a project template that has the skeleton of a jQuery Mobile and Cordova app ready to go.

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Currently, all App-o-Mat ads are for free hackathons and non-profits that teach programming to children. If you sign up, you can choose to have ads be removed from video pages.