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3D-o-Mat is a simple iPhone and iPad app to take 3D photos that you can view with Red/Cyan 3D glasses (buy them on Amazon).

3D-o-Mat is designed so you can use glasses with the red/cyan on either eye. It defaults to cyan on the left, but you can swap it by using the menu under the info button on the bottom right.


3D-o-Mat Screenshot

Camera Permission

When 3D-o-Mat starts it will ask for permission to use your camera. If you give permission, you will be shown a live video feed to take photos from.

If you do not give permission, you cannot use 3D-o-Mat, but if you change your mind, just go to your Settings app, and look under the 3D-o-Mat section to give it permission.

Open Source

3D-o-Mat has been open sourced: