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Does Objective-C Block Syntax Make F'n Sense?

You know the feeling. You're refactoring that old ViewController that’s still in Objective-C, and you get to that part where you need to extract an async call to a new class. And you’ve gotten so used to closures in Swift that you're using them to solve problems instead of delegates, even in Objective-C. And you say to yourself, “I know—I’ll use a block.”

Case Study: Contributing to Fastlane

I came into work Monday to see our builds failing with a problem that was unconnected to anything we merged recently. Reading the logs, I could see that fastlane's gym was claiming that our scheme was not found in the workspace, but I knew that it was definitely there.

A snapshot of the iOS and/xor Android Developer Market

When I wrote about whether iOS developers needed to know Android to be successful, I had an instinct that the answer was no, and I did a spot-check of job-boards to make sure I wasn’t way off. Here’s a more in-depth look with links so you can check to make sure it still holds at a later date (my numbers are as of February 2018).

Do iOS Developers Need to Know Android?

(Spoiler alert!) No.

Why Why Why Why Your iOS App Might Act Weird around New Year's

There's a bug that happens around New Years in a few apps (including Apple's). It's simple to avoid, but you need to submit a fix soon to beat the App Store holiday.

Getting the Most out of WTF Auto Layout

The next time you see an Unable to simultaneously satisfy constraints error, copy it into WTF Auto Layout and use these tips to make it even easier to resolve.

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